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Importing a Car to the UK

  This site features in the 14th March 2004 Sunday Times Newspaper.

And again in 24th October Sunday Times.

Importing a car to the UK is a tricky experience but there is help available if you know where to look. This guide is intended for those permanently importing a car to England. However, if you are planning on bring a car to the UK temporarily some of the following information may still be useful.

This site is the result of my practical experience of having imported a Ford Explorer from Texas to the UK in 1998 and a Ford Expedition in April 2004. It has also been updated with comments and feedback from people who have used this guide and provided more information, based on their own experiences.

The sections on the left take you step by step through the process and provide hints, tips and useful links.

If you have imported a car to the UK from the US then please help me keep this site useful by adding your notes to the discussion board.

For a printed copy of this entire Import website (14 pages) please select one of the following to open a pdf version then print on your local printer:

If you have read this site and still have questions, or if you have imported a US car to the UK, with or without the help of this site, please help us keep the information current on our discussion board.

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