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Import links

  These links are provided to assist you with your research. If you think we need to include some others, or find ones that have broken please let us know using the email address at the top right hand corner of the page.

Modifications, Conversions & Maintenance

  1. North American Motor Company - Farnborough based. Do all my MOT & Servicing!
  2. Get Go Auto Spares - Parts for your American car and more. Based in Farnborough.
  3. Mildenhall Auto Centre - Specialising in American Cars.
  4. Vehicle Approval
  5. F.H. Ellis - Master Craftsman.


  1. Carfax - check out the car history before purchase.
  2. Britain in the USA - FAQ page.
  3. DfT Booklet - 120K pdf file.
  4. IVA - Replaced SVA in 2009.


  1. AA Auto Transport - Did the job but not too communicative.
  2. Able Cargo - Good reports on these guys.
  3. All World Removals - Boston.
  4. First Base Freight
  5. Golden Chariots International - Shippers, importers and consultants (UK based).
  6. Shipping International - San Francisco.

UK Customs & Registration

  1. UK Customs
  2. HM Customs - Import section with good FAQs
  3. Customs forms
  4. RAC - Temporary insurance for the drive from the docks to conversion or registration.
  5. The AA - Offer same as RAC above.
  6. Personal number plates (Licence plates).
  7. DVLA - Licensing Info.
  8. DVLA - Registration Info.

Insurers of American Cars in the UK

  1. Adrian Flux - Imported car spacialists amongst other things.
  2. Footman James - The Enthusiasts Insurance Broker, including classic cars.
  3. Insurance Factory - Import Car Insurance Specialists.
  4. Stuart Collins - American Car Insurance Specialists.

Full service importers

  1. - New and used US imports.
  2. Newport Imports

American Car Clubs

  1. Association of American Car Clubs - Great site for US car owners.
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