US American Car Insurance in the UK

How to Import a Car to the UK from the USA

US American Car Insurance in the UK


​I found insurance expensive in the US, though that may have been because I was an ‘alien’. One thing I did find useful was taking a letter from my UK insurer confirming my 6 years of ‘no claims’ and the same when I returned. It’s important to make sure you find an insurer who will accept this kind of proof of status or you will end up back at the beginning.

UK car insurance works on a basic price that is reduced depending on years of ‘no claims’. This is called your ‘no claims bonus’. The maximum NCB is around 60% which gives you 60% off the basic price of the car insurance policy, so you can see it is important to get right!

​The other thing about UK car insurance is that it is generally an annual policy, not just 6 months, so you may find it cheaper than you are used to in the US.

There are two basic forms of car insurance here in the UK; Third party, fire and theft, or fully comprehensive (normally referred to as “Fully comp”). The first basically covers your requirements for other parties and the latter provides for “all” risks. My examples will be for fully comprehensive cover.

​Insuring an imported car is a bit different to buying normal car insurance in the UK.

First of all you need to shop around and hunt for imported car insurance. The quotes I have had have ranged from £400 to £1000 this year for the same thing. Mention that the car is imported at the start of the calls since many companies will tell you they cannot insure imports and this can save a lot of wasted time. There is nothing more frustrating than giving every detail only to be told they cannot help you! The insurance comparison sites don’t do a good job of imports so be aware that you may need to try other tactics to find your ideal insurer.

​Below are a few insurers I know or have used, that cover imported cars. If you know of others that are “import friendly”, let me know and I’ll include them here.

​Remember you will need insurance cover before you can drive your car away from the port so do it early. My insurer sorted it out 2 hours before I went down to collect my latest import, but I already knew them and would suggest you do it once you know the collection date of your car. You can insure an unregistered car based on the VIN number alone, as long as you update the registration details when you have them (usually they’ll give you up to 30 days).

Import Car Insurers

Adrian Flux

London Road

Kings Lynn


PE30 5ES

Tel: +44-8700-777888

Fax: +44-1553-762119


​Brentacre Insurance

Cambrian House

Cambrian Place



Tel: +44 1792 650 933


​​Footman James

Castlegate House

Castlegate Way


West Midlands


Tel: +44-333-207-6000